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“The Smartest African Grey Parrots on the edge of extinction”

February 4, 2019

The most popular pet bird, known for being the most intelligent needs your attention. Capable of memorizing more than 1000 words, these birds are the most favorite and beautiful.

But do you know that these birds are being traded illegally to different countries by poachers? The undercover investigation discovered that they place food to attract them and then glue them, feathers hacked off so that they cannot escape. Moreover they are packed in crates for the sole purpose of trading. In one of the shipments, forty-seven parrots were found dead at the bottom of the crates and 30 of them could not live more than 24 hours.

The investigators further suggest that whether the trade is legal or illegal, it has caused a disastrous drop in their population with up to 3 million poached over 40 years, which caused a decline of up to 70% in 50 years.

The wild animals’ trade has grown due to the internet and the African grey parrot is one of the world’s most illegally smuggled birds.

Environmentalist have warned that it’s high time to take an action because these endangered birds are being propelled towards extinction.