The Importance of Trees

The Importance of Trees

The Importance of Trees

“Plant a tree and add a new friend in your life”

 Who doesn’t like trees? Trees provide us with food, shelter, various materials, and most importantly, our oxygen!

As well as adding beauty and privacy to outdoor spaces, trees take in carbon dioxide and convert it into the oxygen we breathe. They are true helpers of the Earth, but sadly wildfire and deforestation have spread across our planet. This is not only a threat to wildlife and eco-systems, but also to us.

The importance of trees cannot be stressed enough, so why not plant your own, and nurture your tree as it grows?

Here are some tips on how to plant your own tree:

  • Autumn is the best time to plant your tree. The more time you can put between your planting and the arrival of summer, the better!
  • When preparing a hole for planting, make it three times wider than the root mass. Do not dig it deeper than its original hole
  • Plant your tree high, using soil or mulch to build around the roots. This will allow water to drain away and not drown your tree
  • Inspect the roots – if they have begun to form in the shape of the container or have become densely bound, break them up gently

Good luck!

More information and advice on how to plant a tree can be found here.