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“Solar Panels, An Eco-Friendly Future”

Load shedding is one of the very serious problems in Pakistan. It costs the country around 1.4 trillion on an annual basis.

According to estimation, Pakistan needs 22,000-24,000 megawatt electricity. This demand increases up to 5% each year. It means 1000 or 1200 megawatt is added. Unfortunately, we have never been able to produce more than 18,000 megawatt energy.

Lack of electricity severely affects the economy and welfare of the people. There are several ways through which electricity can be produced at cheaper ways, solar panels are one of them.

Solar panels are designed to absorb the sun’s rays as a source of energy for generating electricity. The climatic condition of Pakistan is also ideal for solar power generation since Pakistan has highest values of isolation with eight to nine hours of sunshine each day. Hence solar panels can be beneficial and can play a vital role to overcome the energy shortages in Pakistan.

Solar Panel System in Pakistan:

On May 29, 2012, Pakistan inaugurated its first solar power on-grid power plant in Islamabad. Although there are several factors like acres of land needed to install solar panels, lack of knowledge and lower production in winters that keeps the people from investing in solar panels. At present, 28 projects of 956.8 MW capacity are under development within the framework of AEDB policies and procedures. Government of Pakistan is offering excellent incentives to investors for solar power development in the country. Investors have been offered lucrative fiscal and financial incentives that are of key interest for them to come to this market.

Benefits of Solar Panel System:

There are several benefits of solar panel system. Solar power is pollution free and causes no harmful gas emissions. It does not rely on foreign oil and fossil fuel. It produces clean power that is available even on the cloudy days. Virtually they can last up to 30 years without any maintenance. It generates job opportunity for manufacturers and solar installers in turn helping the economy.

Moreover, solar can be used to heat water, power homes and building, even power cars and is also safer than traditional electric current. It can be installed anywhere whether it be field or a building. It guarantees the return on investment unlike paying for utility bills. Therefore solar panels can be environmental as well as eco-friendly for our country.

There is more solar power that hits the earth every day than the current population can use in a year. Let’s keep working to harness this great power and put it to good use.