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Romeo Finds Juliet

16 January’2019

Almost 10 years ago, a Sehuencas water frog named Romeo was found in Bolivia. It was believed that the frog was the last of its kind. It has spent his life at Bolivia’s Cochabamba natural history museum. It is said that individuals of these species do not live past age 15.

Bolivian conservationists had been waiting for too long to find other Sehuencas water frog individuals particularly females, in the hope to create a captive breeding program. It’s funny and interesting that to raise money and awareness about the issue, the Bolivian Amphibian and conservationists from Global Wildlife Conservation created a profile for Romeo on, an online dating website.

Finally in January 2019, there was an expedition to Bolivian Cloud Forest which led to the discovery of five more individuals. Out of which three were males and two females. The recently discovered frogs are currently treated against Chytridiomycosis. This is a fungal disease causing widespread decline of Amphibians.

After the treatment, Romeo will be introduced to her Juliet with the hopes that they will begin to repopulate the endangered species which had been decimated due to habitat destruction, pollution, disease, climate change and trout.