International Forest Day

International Forest Day

International Forest Day

“Plant trees, save nature”

 The importance of forests cannot be stressed enough.

We depend on forests for our survival. The trees give us the oxygen we breathe, as well as the materials we rely on. Due to the taking in of carbon dioxide, forests are also a great defence against climate change as our Earth warms.

Despite our dependency on forests, we are letting them disappear. 17% of the Amazon’s trees have been lost in the infamous fires. According to CNN, fires are often lit in the Amazon rainforest, in order to clear space for illegal pasture planting and cattle raising.

When the rainforest is healthy, its trees and plants pull billions of tons of heat-trapping carbon dioxide from the atmosphere each year. But this will no longer defend us if we continue to light our own fires, and contribute to climate change through greenhouse gas emissions.

We must make a change.

By planting more trees, we are fighting against the threats the forests face in our world.

Join us and help this planet stay green!