Water Conservation

Across the world, populations are rising, and global warming is changing the climate. Asa result, increasing numbers of people and communities are facing the threat of frequent water shortages.

In the UK, we often joke about the rainy weather but industry experts have warned that within the next few decades, the climate will become more extreme and we could be facing water shortages of our own. We’ve all seen news reports of low reservoirs, hosepipe bans and temperatures in various months reaching record highs, so we’re already seeing the start of this process.

Promoting more sustainable sources of energy is one way of helping to reduce the need for harmful
coal and gas-fired power stations (see above) but we can also help to raise awareness about the
ways in which ordinary people can reduce their need for water. Examples include:

  • Taking showers rather than baths.
  • Fitting aerators and flow-restrictors on taps.
  • Fitting duel-flush toilet cisterns.
  • Waiting until you have a full load before using the washing machine.
  • Fitting a water butt in your garden – i.e. catch rainwater for jobs like watering flowers
  • Never using a lawn sprinkler during the day; wait until evening when water will evaporate less and roots will have more time to absorb the water

There are lots of other good ideas and, if you help us with our community education work, we’ll provide all the resources you need to become a water-saving ambassador. In time, we also hope to take a lead on new fundraising initiatives and water-saving projects overseas.

Here’s how you can Get Involved.