Our Causes

The Covid-19 pandemic has caused major disruption across the world, infecting millions and leading to countless deaths. The UK has been particularly badly affected. According to several key measures, it has been more badly impacted than any other country in Europe. That has been bad news for families, the economy and everyday life.

Fortunately, there are positive steps we can all take to help reduce the risks of continuing infection, and the sooner we regain control, the better it will be for people’s health and jobs.

One of the ways in which we’ve been helping has been to donate free supplies of face coverings and hand sanitiser to communities, key workers and public bodies. Thanks to an alliance with Neo Plus Pro, we’ve built up a store of 20,000 units and we’ve already distributed thousands more to local councils, schools, mosques and charities.

Good hand hygiene, social distancing and the use of face coverings can all play important roles in getting Covid-19 under control, and until scientists discover an effective vaccine, taking these precautionary measures is one of the best things we can do. That’s why we’re keen to continue donating to those who need these items, and keen to spend time talking to schools, community
groups and others about why and how to use them.

It’s important work and we’d love it if you could Get Involved.